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Processors: TfsSharedQueryProcessor

This documentation is for a preview version of the Azure DevOps Migration Tools. If you are not using the preview version then please head over to the main documentation.

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The TfsSharedQueryProcessor enabled you to migrate queries from one locatio nto another.


Parameter name Type Description Default Value
Enabled Boolean If set to true then the processor will run. Set to false and the processor will not run. missng XML code comments
PrefixProjectToNodes Boolean Do we add the source project name into the folder path false
SharedFolderName String The name of the shared folder, made a parameter incase it every needs to be edited Shared Queries
SourceToTargetFieldMappings Dictionary`2 Mapping of the source to the target missng XML code comments
ProcessorEnrichers List List of Enrichers that can be used to add more features to this processor. Only works with Native Processors and not legacy Processors. missng XML code comments
SourceName String missng XML code comments missng XML code comments
TargetName String missng XML code comments missng XML code comments
RefName String Refname will be used in the future to allow for using named Options without the need to copy all of the options. missng XML code comments

Example JSON

  "$type": "TfsSharedQueryProcessorOptions",
  "Enabled": false,
  "PrefixProjectToNodes": false,
  "SharedFolderName": "Shared Queries",
  "SourceToTargetFieldMappings": null,
  "ProcessorEnrichers": null,
  "SourceName": "sourceName",
  "TargetName": "targetName"