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This documentation is for a preview version of the Azure DevOps Migration Tools. If you are not using the preview version then please head over to the main documentation.

Overview > Reference > Processors

We provide a number of Processors that can be used to migrate diferent sorts of data.

Processor Data Type Description
WorkItemTrackingProcessor Work Items Migrated any number of work items, their revisions, links, & attachments
TfsTeamSettingsProcessor Teams Migrate Teams and Team Settings to a new environment
TfsSharedQueryProcessor Shared Queries Migrates all of the Shared Queries from one Project to Another.
AzureDevOpsPipelineProcessor Pipelines Migrates Taskgroups, Build and Release Pipelines.

Processor Options

All processors have a minimum set of options that are required to run.

Minimum Options to run

The Enabled options is common to all processors.

      "ObjectType": "ProcessorOptions",
      "Enabled": true,