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Endpoint Enrichers

This documentation is for a preview version of the Azure DevOps Migration Tools. If you are not using the preview version then please head over to the main documentation.

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Endpoint Enrichers are run within the context of the Endpoint that they are configured for. Many enpoints are flexable, however there are allso enrichers that only work with certain Endpoints.

Endpoint Enricher Data Target Description
WorkItemAttachmentEnricher Attachments TBA
WorkItemLinkEnricher Links TBA
WorkItemCreatedEnricher CreatedDate TBA
WorkItemEmbedEnricher HTML Fileds TBA
WorkItemFieldTableEnricher History TBA

Endpoint Enricher Options

All Endpoint Enrichers have a minimum set of options that are required to run.

Minimum Options to run

The Enabled options is common to all Endpoint Enrichers.

      "ObjectType": "EndpointEnrichersOptions",
      "Enabled": true,