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Test plans and test suites migration

This processor migrate test suites and test plans. This should be run after TestConfigurationsMigrationConfig.

Warning: This migration can result in data lost because unsafe links are not able to migrate! (see description for parameter RemoveInvalidTestSuiteLinks or this issue.)

Parameter name Type Description Default Value
Enabled Boolean Active the processor if it true. false
$type string The name of the processor TestPlansAndSuitesMigrationConfig
PrefixProjectToNodes Boolean Prefix the nodes with the new project name. false
OnlyElementsWithTag string The tag name that is present on all elements that must be migrated. If this option isn’t present this processor will migrate all. null
RemoveInvalidTestSuiteLinks Boolean This option will skip invalid links. That is usually happened if in a test plan is a link to a tfvc changeset in the test case.
If that option is false you get an error if you have unsaved links like this in your test plan. If it true you only get a warning.